On the cover: Simon Murdoch, making every use of his residential knowledge and hanging on by the tip of his single-fin against the sundowner winds, somewhere in the 805.

Other drop-ins include the peer study of a shaper’s half century in the game, the surf holdings of an island in the Bering Sea, and channel bottom masters showing proof of work. Cultural check-ins include the contemporary surf scene of a once-romanticized Mexican beach town, an in-depth look at a Southern California landscape in 1950, a folk-rockstar’s Atlantic-set island redoubt, and more.


Page 38

The First Cut is the Deepest

Long misunderstood and overlooked, the channel bottom holds boundless potential for its faithful.

Words by Christian Beamish | Image by Nathan Oldfield

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Page 58

The Big Man

How Rusty Preisendorfer—data-minded, art-underpinned, and boldly ambitious—made his marque.

Words by John Durant | Image by Erik Aeder

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Page 50

Sucker-Free on the Ruta Del Sol

Just say the words, and we’ll beat the birds down to Acapulco Bay.

Words by Scott Hulet | Image by Mark Kronemeyer

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Page 28

Lightness of Manner

From center stage to the edge of the croft, Hebridean Colin Macleod keeps life balanced.

Words by Jamie Currie | Image by Mike Guest

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Page 106

“Let It Breathe, Love…”

Bordeaux, Centurion lounges, and Chernobyl-class Speedo sunburn with big show shooter Ryan Miller.

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Page 90

The Goldbrickers

San Onofre in 1950 as photographed by Loomis Dean.

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Page 78

Solving For X

Empty perfection is out there. But in the Bering Sea, the higher the branch, the greater the wind.

Words and photos by Mark McInnis

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Page 100

Whole Foods and Terpenes

Defying national migration dynamics, Floridian surfer Robert Glover embraces everything California.

Words by Matthew B. Shaw | Image by Jimmy Wilson

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Page 16

Essay: Solid Waste

Seeking surf enlightenment? Follow the gut.

Words by NE Kachel | Art by Martin Groch

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Page 20

Interview: The Dreamer

Wayne Lynch on manifesting visions, being inspired by Indigenous Australian art and culture, consumerism, and the power to change.

Interview by Sam Rhodes | Image by Ryan Heywood

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Page 16


The art of the jetty jump, a magnum opus in social surrealism, Mullaghmore’s mad steps with Tom Lowe, breaching North Shore security with Steve Sherman, and other quick hits.

Image by Manuel Claudeville-Morell

Purist surf energy from Page One to close-of-book, delivered directly to your door.