On the cover: Simon Murdoch, making every use of his residential knowledge and hanging on by the tip of his single-fin against the sundowner winds, somewhere in the 805.

Other drop-ins include the peer study of a shaper’s half century in the game, the surf holdings of an island in the Bering Sea, and channel bottom masters showing proof of work. Cultural check-ins include the contemporary surf scene of a once-romanticized Mexican beach town, an in-depth look at a Southern California landscape in 1950, a folk-rockstar’s Atlantic-set island redoubt, and more.


Page 38

The First Cut is the Deepest

Long misunderstood and overlooked, the channel bottom holds boundless potential for its faithful.

Words by Christian Beamish | Image by Nathan Oldfield

Page 58

The Big Man

How Rusty Preisendorfer—data-minded, art-underpinned, and boldly ambitious—made his marque.

Words by John Durant | Image by Erik Aeder

Page 50

Sucker-Free on the Ruta Del Sol

Just say the words, and we’ll beat the birds down to Acapulco Bay.

Words by Scott Hulet | Image by Mark Kronemeyer

Page 28

Lightness of Manner

From center stage to the edge of the croft, Hebridean Colin Macleod keeps life balanced.

Words by Jamie Currie | Image by Mike Guest

Page 106

“Let It Breathe, Love…”

Bordeaux, Centurion lounges, and Chernobyl-class Speedo sunburn with big show shooter Ryan Miller.

Page 90

The Goldbrickers

San Onofre in 1950 as photographed by Loomis Dean.

Page 78

Solving For X

Empty perfection is out there. But in the Bering Sea, the higher the branch, the greater the wind.

Words and photos by Mark McInnis

Page 100

Whole Foods and Terpenes

Defying national migration dynamics, Floridian surfer Robert Glover embraces everything California.

Words by Matthew B. Shaw | Image by Jimmy Wilson

Page 16

Essay: Solid Waste

Seeking surf enlightenment? Follow the gut.

Words by NE Kachel | Art by Martin Groch

Page 20

Interview: The Dreamer

Wayne Lynch on manifesting visions, being inspired by Indigenous Australian art and culture, consumerism, and the power to change.

Interview by Sam Rhodes | Image by Ryan Heywood

Page 16


The art of the jetty jump, a magnum opus in social surrealism, Mullaghmore’s mad steps with Tom Lowe, breaching North Shore security with Steve Sherman, and other quick hits.

Image by Manuel Claudeville-Morell

Purist surf energy from Page One to close-of-book, delivered directly to your door.