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  • Call: (949) 361-0331
  • Email: customerservice@surfersjournal.com
  • Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST
  • International subscribers can reach us on: +1 (949) 361-0331


What are the subscription options?

There are two subscription options available; Standard and Premium Membership. 

The Standard subscription includes: 

  • The Surfer’s Journal delivered to your door every eight weeks.
  • Unlimited access to every article we’ve ever published.
  • Email delivery of additional original TSJ content.
  • 10% off everything in the TSJ store.
  • Subscriber-only film screenings.
  • Exclusive sponsor offers and discounts.

The Premium Membership includes all the benefits of the Standard subscription as well as the following additional benefits:

  • Annual Gift ($100 value)
  • 20% off everything in the TSJ store.
  • Listed as a TSJ benefactor on surfersjournal.com
  • Email delivery of additional original TSJ content.
  • Subscriber-only film screenings.
  • Exclusive sponsor offers and discounts.

What are the benefits of subscribing?

You’ll receive a new issue every eight weeks delivered directly to your door while paying less than you would at a bookstore or newsstand. Premium memberships include deeper discounts on TSJ merchandise, an annual gift valued at $100, and your name listed as a benefactor on surfersjournal.com. Subscribers are also entitled to discounts on all merchandise and apparel purchases through online store. Subscribers must be signed in to their account to receive their discount. The discount is applied at checkout, and does not include shipping costs, sale items, or products purchased using a promotional code. We reserve the right to revise the subscriber discount without notice, and to exclude certain products from the offer.

Do subscriptions auto-renew?

Yes. Auto-renewing your subscription saves trees, time and money. As a sustaining member we won’t need to send you any physical renewal notices, and you won’t ever need to think about it. Best of all, you’ll never miss an issue. All subscriptions will auto-renew once the final issue in their subscription has been mailed. We will notify you by email before your subscription is due to auto-renew. 

Should you prefer your subscription not to auto-renew, you can disable this function in your account settings. Simply login, view your subscriptions, and click “Auto-Renew Off.” This will end the recurring payment but continue the subscription for the remaining issues for which payment has already been received.

Do gift subscriptions auto-renew?

No. Subscriptions purchased for someone other than yourself will not auto-renew. Please note, you will need to select “gift subscription” at checkout for a subscription to be considered a gift. 

I had a subscription but someone just gave me a gift, will I get two issues now?

If the gift subscription was given to you with your name as we have in our records, and to the address we have on file, then our system will find your account and add the new subscription will extend your existing subscription, you will not receive duplicates.

If the gift was given to you with a nickname or to a different address, a new account will be started for you and your two subscriptions will then overlap. To correct this, let us know! Call our office at (949) 361-0331 or email us at customerservice@surfersjournal.com.

How quickly will the first issue go out for a new subscriber?

Your new subscription will begin with the next issue. The schedule for our six issues are as follows:

Issue / Ships

  • 30.1 Feb/Mar Issue | Mid-January
  • 30.2 Apr/May Issue | Mid-March
  • 30.3 Jun/July Issue | Mid-May
  • 30.4 Aug/Sep Issue | Mid-July
  • 30.5 Oct/Nov Issue | Mid-September
  • 30.6 Dec/Jan Issue | Mid-November

If you want to receive the current issue you may purchase it in our store.

I’m a subscriber, but the new issues sometimes get to the surf shops or bookstores first, why is that?

We fully understand that as a subscriber it’s nice to get your magazine before anyone else can get their hands on it. We ship subscriber copies a week before we send surf shop and bookstore copies out. The only exception is in December, when we ship issues to subscribers, surf shops and bookstores at the same time to ensure holiday delivery.

My subscription has ended. How do I renew?

You can extend or renew your subscription at any time by simply clicking renew on your subscription within your My Account area of the site or by contacting our Customer Service team by emailing customerservice@surfersjournal.com or call 949-361-0331 to speak with a member. If your subscription is set to automatically renew you don’t need to take any further action to keep receiving issues of The Surfer’s Journal and accessing all content on surfersjournal.com. If your credit card information has changed please log into your account and update your payment method. Your card will charge when you are set to auto-renew.

If you would like to renew your gift subscription. Click My Account and then renew the gift subscription.

Subscription Management

I’ve moved, how do I change my address?

Log in to your account, click “Manage” in your subscriptions tab and update your address. Or email customerservice@surfersjournal.com with your name, old address, and the new address you’d like to have on file.

To ensure that your copy of The Surfer’s Journal arrives as soon as possible, we ask that you notify us of any impending address changes no later than 4 weeks after you received your last issue of The Surfer’s Journal.

Please note that we are unable to accept responsibility for replacement issues if the correct information is not supplied.

Am I eligible to upgrade my subscription?

If you do not currently have a premium subscription, you are eligible to upgrade your subscription to a premium membership. 

How do I upgrade my membership?

You can upgrade your membership by following the below steps.

  • Visit the My Account page.
  • Select Subscriptions on the My Account navigation on the left of the page.
  • Select “Manage” next to the subscription you would like to upgrade.
  • Under the Actions section of the Subscription Management page, the option to Upgrade your subscription will be visible if your subscription is eligible for an upgrade.
  • Select “Upgrade”. You will be prompted with further detail on upgrading your subscription at this step.
  • Proceed and complete payment checkout to upgrade your subscription.

How much does it cost to upgrade my subscription?

A subscription upgrade costs $150.00 USD, the same amount as a 1 year premium membership. When upgrading, the amount of copies left in your current subscription will be transferred  and added to your upgraded premium membership.

Will I receive the premium member gift if I upgrade?

Yes, once you complete your subscription upgrade, you will be sent your premium member gift in October.

How long does it take to apply premium subscriber benefits to my TSJ account?

You will receive your premium member benefits on SurfersJournal.com upon payment completion of your subscription upgrade. For most people, this should be immediately after completing your upgrade order. If you’re not seeing your premium member benefits in your account after your completed subscription upgrade, please contact our customer service team at customerservice@surfersjournal.com or call (949) 361-0331.  

Can I cancel my subscription?

Please review our cancellation policy and contact our customer service team who can assist with cancellations; please email us at CustomerService@surfersjournal.com or call (949) 361-0331. 


When should I expect to receive the merchandise I ordered?

We process merchandise orders continuously Monday-Friday, 9-5 PM PST.

Most merchandise orders delivering in the US will mail via USPS. If you are outside of the continental US, the order will ship using our international courier.  Please expect 1-2 weeks for domestic delivery, and 2-4 weeks for international delivery.

How do I request a refund or exchange on my order?

To request a refund or exchange for unused or unworn products please contact our Customer Service team via email at CustomerService@surfersjournal.com or call (949) 361-0331 within 60 days of purchase. Refunds requested outside of the 60 day window will not be accepted. Merchandise exchanges are subject to a $20 restocking fee. Returns for unused merchandise will be refunded the full amount of the order, less the original shipping cost once the item has been inspected and then approved by a member of our team and deemed to be unused.

General FAQ

I am a subscriber, how do I log in?

You need to lookup you account on our website. Once your email address is registered, Log InIf you are a current subscriber, you will now receive your discount on merchandise in our store and have free access to our archives and subscriber only content.

Why does my account show no active subscriptions?

This is a known issue if you placed your original order over the phone or through the mail. If you are looking to renew your subscription you can simply place a new order here and your subscription will be extended. You will not receive duplicate issues.

You should still have access to all the online benefits of your subscription. If you have any questions call a member of our team: (949) 361-0331.

I want to renew online but I don’t want tons of junk mail/email. Can I trust you guys?

We value the trust and respect of our subscribers. We will never sell or rent your personal information to another company. We also promise not to abuse your trust by emailing or advertising to you flagrantly. To save paper and postage, we will email you when your subscription is about to expire. We also send emails when we publish a new book or product.

Every so often there will be a TSJ supported event or bit of news that we think you want to know about. When that comes up we will send you an email or postcard. It will always come from our office, no one will ever see your information except us. Please understand that this is a rare occurrence, and we always take you into consideration when we are thinking of promoting our products to you.

I’m looking for a specific issue that you published a while ago. How can I find it?

Visit the TSJ Archives and type in a keyword for the subject you want and a list of the past features associated with that keyword will pop up. You can then download the article or order the back issue from this page. Remember, subscribers get free access to the archive.

How do I submit a story/photo to you?

Contributions to The Surfer’s Journal are always welcome. We’re looking for writers, photographers, artists, and surfers to introduce us to the next great story.

Contributions to The Surfer’s Journal are welcome. For more information and guidelines, please visit our submission page. Due to volume, we cannot provide individual feedback on submissions, though we do closely consider each one and will notify you following our review.

Are you affiliated with any other publication?

We publish The Surfer’s Journal exclusively, and a variety of hard-cover books featuring surf photography.