On the cover: Mason Ho, mid-expectoration at Backdoor.

Viewpoints inside the magazine include the mindset of a big-wave bodysurfer, North Shore snaps by a skateboard icon, a chase for birds and swell in Southern Europe, the arrested development of a 1970s surfing playboy, the purist standards of a big-board surfer and shaper, impressionistic brushstrokes, and organics ringed by hyper development.


Page 70

Big Game

Following the spoor with self-made surfer, shaper, and traveler Sam Yoon.

Words by Luke Kennedy | Image by Andrew Kidman

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Page 42

Fetched Up In Amber

For proto–Los Angeles surf star Mike Purpus, today feels a hell of a lot like 1974.

Words by Joe Donnelly | Image by Mike Moir

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Page 54

Seeds of Abundance

At an organic farm inside the urban sprawl of Orange County, Evan Marks sees farming as surfing—and as a path toward ecological balance.

Words by David Zimmerle | Image by Kevin Voegtlin

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Page 26


Arto Saari’s photography of the North Shore is gritty, beautiful, ground level, and alive with character. How the Finn went from snowstorms in Seinäjoki to Oahu documentarian—with a layover as an A-list pro skater in between.

Introduction by Ben Waldron

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Page 60


Migration patterns, death winds, and exodus along Andalusia, Spain’s Costa de la Luz.

Words by Paul Evans | Image by Lucas Tozzi

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Page 82

Regaining Control

A German master of the expressive figurative reflects on painting the surf.

Words and art by Rainer Fetting

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Page 90

Thirteen O’Clock

The end of the Worlds: Ocean Beach, California, October 1972.

Words by Jim Kempton | Image by Brent Lieberman

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Page 98


Twenty pages of contemporary surfing visuals by shooters dedicated to the art.

Image by Duncan Macfarlane

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Page 16


The fraught practice and checkered history of writing about the physical act of riding waves.

Image by Tim Baker | Illustration by Gabriel Carr

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Page 20


Bodysurfer Kalani Lattanzi on the physical and mental preparedness required to charge Nazaré and Jaws…sans-board.

Interview by Adrian Kojin | Illustration by Richard A. Chance

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Page 118


The art of surfboard resurrection, the world’s most dangerous rap group cruises First Point, a nor’easter not to be forgotten, Renny Yater turns 90, and more.

Installation by Nancy Rubins | Image by Grant Ellis

Purist surf energy from Page One to close-of-book, delivered directly to your door.