The Archivist: Road Lust

Enter our favorite travel stories from 30 years in print, no passport needed.

Light / Dark

For over 30 years, the Journal has celebrated surf travel. Indeed, each edition has been marked by an Adventurer’s Club-worthy lineup of explorers, expats, pilgrims, and diarists—usually accompanied by surprising, future-proof photography.

While TSJ debuted in an era of surf mag “sponsored pro” trips, it cut its own path. Backlit point waves that you felt right in the chest. Pulled-back surfscapes allowing the reader to take in the whole of the experience. Roots moments that would never see the light of day in the monthlies, yet captured the poetry of the road. 

Travel’s not the half of what we do, but it’s a hell of a fine place to start. Here’s a sample.