The Surfer’s Journal presents

Season 01

With Jamie Brisick

In-depth conversations with the most compelling people in surfing.

Photo by Will Adler

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Ep. 1

Stephanie Gilmore

Photo by Todd Glaser

The seven-time world champ on maintaining competitive focus, making the jump from high-school straight to the world tour, Snapper Rocks etiquette, and the virtues of smiling while dropping in.

Ep. 2

Tony Alva

The Dogtowner on the surf-skate connection, his mentor Bunker Spreckels, the power of the “I am going to crush you” spirit, and knock-kneed style.

Photo by Patrick Trefz

Ep. 3

Thad Ziolkowski

The award-winning author on surfing and addiction, the acceptance of substance use in the arts, the double-edged nature of the surfing life, and the benefits of meditation.

Photo by Christopher Gabello

Ep. 4

Dane Reynolds

The electric freesurfer on staying relevant in the changing media landscape, the benefits of irony and self-deprecation, his decision to leave the world tour, and being recognized in public.

Photo by Grant Ellis

Soundings Ep. 5

Emi Erickson

Photo by Thomas Lodin

The big-wave charger on the possibility of a big-wave gene, the joys of the single-fin gun, sexism in the lineup, and what it’s like to sit on the boil at Waimea as a set swings wide.

Ep. 6

Dave Parmenter

The surfer-shaper-writer-critic on outrigger canoes, his relationship with the surf world, surfing “then” versus “now,” how to keep riding waves interesting in mid-life and beyond.

Ep. 7

Mike D

The Beastie Boy on how he found his way to surfing, life on the road, improvisation, and risktaking in creative endeavors, and the making of “Sabotage”.

Photo by Morgan Maassen

Ep. 8

Laird Hamilton

The definitive waterman on his adrenaline-junkie beginnings, early heroes and influences, selfdoubt and managing fear, and the backstory of his Millennium Wave.

Photo by Tom Servais

About the host

Jamie Brisick surfed on the ASP world tour from 1986 to 1991, and has since documented surf culture extensively. His books include Becoming Westerly: Surf Champion Peter Drouyn’s Transformation into Westerly Windina, We Approach Our Martinis With Such High Expectations, Have Board, Will Travel: The Definitive History of Surf, Skate, and Snow, and The Eighties at Echo Beach. His writings and photographs have appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Guardian, and W., and has contributed to The Surfer’s Journal since its first volume. In 2008 he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship. He lives in Los Angeles.

Photo by Owen Tozer

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