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On the cover: New Yorker Balaram Stack is well acquainted with tunnels. From the complexities of his hometown’s subway system to the depths of Mainland Mexico tubes, he knows the importance of choosing the right line. Threads inside the issue trace equally varied paths, including digital renderings of natural wave patterns, a window into the halcyon days of Aussie surf media, modern thrashing in Tasmanian waters, and other throughlines across the seascape.


Page 26

Just One More

A decade ago, Mike McCune refitted an old fishing trawler and began running Alaska’s first long-distance surf charters. The man resurrected a boat, and the boat resurrected a surfer.

Words by Steve Hawk | Image by Scott Dickerson

Page 98

Portfolio: Michael Townsend

The photographic benefits of working remotely, remaining in constant motion, and staying hash-tag free.

Page 38

Stranger in a Strange Sea

When he wasn’t photographing icons like Marilyn Monroe, JFK, and Miles Davis, decisive 1960s photographer Leigh Wiener coaxed poetry from surfing’s golden years.

Page 62

Process Distortion

Photographer and digital-media artist Matt Clark creates disruptions of natural wave patterns.

Page 52

Happy Punting

Jumping around Tasmania with Chippa Wilson.

Words by Luke Kennedy | Image by Nick Green

Page 92

Ancestral Dreaming

Putting coastal recreation and stewardship into context with California’s original locals.

By Todd Prodanovich | Image by Seth de Roulet

Page 66

Peak Print

Under the direction of Bruce Channon and Hugh McLeod during the 1980s, the Australian magazine Surfing World became impossibly resonant and era-defining.

Words by Sean Doherty | Image by Hugh McLeod

Page 16

Essay: Sometimes I Wonder How I Keep From Going Under

Coming to grips with the new Malibu surfer.

Words by Jamie Brisick | Illustration by Matthieu Cossé

Page 20

Until the Wheels Fall Off

An interview with Timmy Reyes.

Interview by Whitman Bedwell | Image by Russell Holiday

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Stenciled air mattresses, the San Diego surf milieu circa 1920, “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath, and other interrelated oddities and ephemera.

Purist surf energy from Page One to close-of-book, delivered directly to your door.