Café Racer

A scene report from Peru with TSJ 32.4 profile subject Miguel Tudela.

Light / Dark

Peruvian surfer Miguel Tudela is known among his young surfing associates as serious and driven. He’s a fish who breathes—organized, high functioning, and well capable of crawling out of the shorebreak and onto the streets, résumé in hand, to find backing for his aspirations. At 28 years old, Tudela has achieved journeyman status. His goals for 2023 include climbing a few ’QS slots in the quest for WCT inclusion. Beyond that, he’s focused on the Pan Am Games qualifiers for the 2024 Olympics and the possibility of competing for gold in Tahiti.

In the short above, Tudela takes a break from rigorously chasing his goals to show us around his local digs in Punta Hermosa and Miraflores’ hallowed Club Waikiki. To read “Café Racer,” Tudela’s profile by author Scott Hulet, pick up a copy of our current issue here.

Film by Ricardo Malaver, Daniel Balbuena, and Jose Plaza Malaga.

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