The Midnight Hour by Keith Malloy

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Director Keith Malloy shares an intimate view into the creative minds of surfer-songwriters Ryan Bingham and Jack Johnson, as the duo spends time writing music together at Johnson’s Pipe-adjacent home on the North Shore.

Featured in TSJ 28.4, country musician Bingham came to surfing via rodeo riding and life on tour. “He wanted to be a surfer and I wanted to be a cowboy,” explains Malloy. “Then he and Jack started hanging out at his house and it just evolved from there.”

Johnson, who grew up on the North Shore, came to his musical success recording soundtracks to his own surf movies, like Thicker Than Water and September Sessions.

Both are highly regarded songwriters who humbly continue their surfing lives whenever they’re off the road.

This is the first episode of a three-part series by Malloy, in which Bingham spends time with his creative inspirations. Stay tuned to YETI Stories for future episodes.