Trouble: The Lisa Andersen Story

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Written and produced by Chas Smith—a TSJ contributor and the author of Welcome to Paradise, Now Go to Hell and Cocaine and Surfing: A Love Story—it is our distinct privilege to offer this private documentary premier to our subscribers.


“Trouble at home, trouble at school, trouble with the law, trouble with men…Lisa was, quite literally, a delinquent. One flaky mishap got her locked up in juvie before she was put on house arrest. And that’s where she made her big move: Bail Florida. Go pro. Manifest destiny. She was 16.”

“With her run of world titles in the 1990s, she single-handedly raised the profile of women’s surfing to a global level, shattered stereotypes of female surfers, inspired a whole generation of women to get in the water, and was the face that sold a million board shorts for the Roxy brand.”
—The Orange County Register

“Lisa defined a new era for women’s surfing and changed what men thought of how women surfed.”
—Kelly Slater

“[Lisa Anderson]: ‘In the end, I ran. I slept rough, sometimes under park benches on Newport Beach. There were other times when I would find an empty beach house, wait until nightfall and then crawl up to the verandah and make a cubby hole under my surfboard. I’d have to change my sleeping spot most days. I was so paranoid I used to think that the FBI was on my case.’”
—The Guardian



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