Tropical Paradise – North Sumatra (SOLD)

This opportunity is attractive to an individual person or group of friends wanting to create their own tropical island getaway.


An opportunity exists to purchase 2600 square meters of pristine, beachfront, freehold land on Palau Simeulue in North Sumatra (Aceh). The property will be sold as a land-and-building contract only and must be sold to a private owner / syndicate. It will not be sold to people desiring to open a commercial surf accommodation. The opportunity would suit a group of surfers who want to get away with their family and friends every few months.


The property is located on Simeulue Island in North Sumatra (Aceh) Indonesia. Approximately 50 meters from the world-class wave known as Peak, which Aura Surf Resort is situated on. The property faces west on a 2 kilometer-long white sandy beach and enjoys picturesque views of the ocean and outer islands, as well as amazing sunsets. The beach directly out the front also has excellent, consistent waves. Simeulue has great surf all year, with the slowest months being November and December. Outside of these months conditions are very good and the swell super consistent. The Peak is the most consistent wave on the island. There are approximately 15 other waves across the 150-kilometer long island., as well as many smaller outer islands, plus jungle scenery and mountains, snorkeling, fishing etcetera.

Land Component

The land is 2600 square meters with approximately 50 meters of beachfront. It is flat, level land with street access and would be easy to build on with little to no clearing required. It is also connected to main island power line.

Development Plan

The Proposed development is an open plan 2-bedroom house with an internal private courtyard. The total area of the house is 440 square meters. The internal house including services is 240 sqm. Each bedroom is 25 sqm and the lounge / dining area is 50 sqm. A full-length balcony of 80 sqm is designed to enjoy open-air living and amazing sunsets. The private courtyard is 200 sqm with open air dining, paved areas, and gardens. Garage, kitchen, bathroom, storage, and laundry are located at the rear to keep hot and wet areas away from the house.

The development will include basic landscaping, kitchen, and furniture fit-out, plus generator, fencing with gate, security lights, all plumbing and electrical. The total complete package will be ready to occupy.

The project will be headed by Island Surf Retreats, already established on the island for 7 years. They have the contacts, local knowledge, and construction team to make it happen honestly and securely.

A local nominee is already lined up who is also the director of Aura Surf Resort and a longtime employee / friend of Aura. He is also the local head of village.

The property has 2 neighbors across the road and both families have employees at Aura. They will ensure the property is well looked after and secure when not occupied.

The project is fully endorsed by Aura Surf Resort and Island Surf Retreats and will be built to a higher standard than the resort.

Travel Information

The location is easy to travel to, when compared to other un-crowded areas of Indonesia. Once in Medan in North Sumatra, Simeulue is a 1.5 hr flight, then a 20 minute car trip to the village of Nancala, which is where the land is located.

Simeulue Island is approximately 150 klms long and 30 klms deep. It has its own weather system and mountains. Population on the island is approx. 70,000. Located approximately 3 degrees north of the equator, Simeulue is in the doldrums which means there are no trade winds. Winds are usually light and variable with glassy conditions most of the time. The swell comes from low-pressure systems between South Africa and Western Australia and produces long and powerful lines. The swell rarely drops below 2 feet.


This opportunity is attractive to an individual person or group of friends wanting to create their own tropical island getaway. The team at Island Surf Retreats and Aura Surf Resort are well established on the island and will ensure the project is built properly and successfully without risk of losing money or being built to low standards. The construction team is already in place and ongoing with works at Aura Surf Resort.

Island Surf Retreats will oversee the project from start to finish and give a weekly update of progress. Building in remote locations of Indonesia is a risky game. However, with the oversight of Island Surf Retreats, 99 percent of the risk factor is removed, plus the successful buyer will receive ongoing support and assistance.

Interested parties can stay at Aura for insight into how things operate on the island.

This is an extremely rare and unique opportunity.


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