Preserved and Protected: Hollister Ranch Home and Property (SOLD)

Enjoy uncrowded conditions on a Southern California coastal cattle ranch and wildlife preserve.

Are you looking for a place without the crowded surf conditions that are found virtually everywhere in the civilized world? Would you like the opportunity to choose between a dozen excellent surf breaks within a six-mile stretch, three of which offer world-class waves and with two more world-class waves nearby? Could something like this really exist in southern California? The answer is yes… and more, much more.


This 104-acre 105 Hollister Ranch property is situated on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean with a panoramic view of beautiful Sacate Bay. This four bedroom, six bath custom home is only 5 minutes from the Hollister Ranch entrance, 2 minutes from the beach. There is also a guest house building site yet to be developed.

Enjoy the views from the home or from the large patio area. The wide, sandy beaches at Alegria Canyon and Sacate Bay are a couple of minutes away. This is the perfect getaway from the frenzied and overdeveloped conditions found along the remainder of the California coastline today. Enjoy authentic peace, quiet, and solitude only about a 30 minutes from downtown Santa Barbara.


Located next to Gaviota State Park, “Front Row” 105 Hollister Ranch is about five minutes inside the Hollister Ranch gatehouse. Close-by cities are Buellton at 15 minutes away, Goleta (and the Santa Barbara airport, SBA) about 20 minutes away and Santa Barbara, 30 minutes away. Right here in the USA.

The Hollister Ranch

The surf at Hollister Ranch is now world-class. Access to those waves is not as easy for most as it is for those who own property in this 14,500-acre cattle ranch. An effective wildlife preserve, if ever completely built out, the Ranch will still have well over 14,000-acres of open space wildlife habitat. Here, it is still possible to see what California looked like before the coastline was developed with homes, hotels, businesses, under-funded state parks lining the beach for hundreds of miles.

The beaches, coastal plains, foothills, canyons and mountains at the Ranch appear just as they did to the Portola Expedition in 1769. The wildlife at the Ranch is protected and left to carry on as they did for thousands of years before being displaced by people along the rest of the coast. Once inside the Ranch, it is a challenge to believe all of California used to look this way.

Owning at Hollister Ranch is much more than an opportunity to enjoy uncrowded surf conditions in quality surf. The overall ambient experience goes right to one’s soul. Sitting in the water between sets with a few friends, listening to the songs of meadowlarks in the fields above and seeing a California of 100 years ago has an impact that can be overwhelming. “Did it all really use to be this way?” 

The answer is yes. Along with the adjacent 24,350-acre Dangermond Preserve (the one-time “Bixby Ranch”), the Hollister Ranch provides a 40,000-acre coastal respite for indigenous wildlife. If one includes the very private Vandenberg Space Force Base of almost 100,000-acres, indigenous flora and fauna still flourish over a large portion of coastal California due to the protection of limited and managed access.

All of this within minutes of the advantages of the shopping and dining in Santa Barbara, Buellton (in the wine country of Santa Ynez Valley) and Goleta where a new Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital offers the very latest in medical care and an outstanding Emergency Department. 


US$ 11,500,000. For more information, please contact Jeff Kruthers at Hollister Ranch Realty (805-567-0088) or Rick Sawyer at Sawyer Real Estate (805-680-7425).

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