Volume 8, Hardbound


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Compiling Year Eight’s issues into a 528-page hardcover book

Highlights: Travel: “Over Every Next Ridge” by Mathew Katz; Lore: “The House on Butterfly Lane” by Denny Aaberg; “Riding High” by Pete Cabrinha; “Gene Pool” by Carl Ekstrom; Profile: “Peanuts” by Craig Lockwood; Profile: “The Life and Work of Richard Brewer” by Drew Kampion; Travel: “Beyond Tavarua” by Warren Bolster; “The Importance of Being Joel” by Chris Ahrens; “Victoria—Places in the Mind” by Andrew Kidman; Excerpt: “El Rancho de Chicho” by Allan Weisbecker; “Kemp Aaberg: Grace and Charm and Art and Beauty” by Russ Spencer; Portfolio: “Rob Keith Cherry Picks”; “Exploring in a Typhoon Sea” Philippines by Derek Ferrar, John Callahan, and Tor Johnson; “Memories of Peta” by Gerald Saunders; “Bob Cooper: Further Down the Line” by Mike Perry; “Mind Out of Time: Vintage 1974” by Drew Kampion; Portfolios: Scott Aichner, j. brother, Patrick Trefz.

  • Volume 8 Issues 1-4