Volume 6, Hardbound


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Compiling Year Six’s issues into a 528-page hardcover book

Highlights: Gerry Lopez profiles Jeff Hakman in “Prodigy”; “Welcome to the Paddleboard Race from Hell” by Craig Lockwood; Dale Velzy Mementos: “Come Down to Manhattan”; “Going Tandem” with Steve and Barrie Bahne; “The Death of Longboarding and other Stories” by Chris Ahrens; Board Stories: “The Curve” by Craig Stecyk; Pole Cam Portfolio: “Eye of the Pelican” by Rob Gilley; Greg Noll’s Scrapbook, “The Photo Man of Puerto Escondido” by Woody Woodworth; “Litmus: A Surfing Odyssey” by Andrew Kidman; “Laird Hamilton 20th Century Man” by Bruce Jenkins; “Surf Drunk” Wally Froiseth by Malcom Gault-Williams; “Not a Sound: Western Australia” by Paul Kemnitzer.

  • Volume 6 Issues 1-4