Volume 5, Hardbound


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Compiling Year Five’s issues into a 528-page hardcover book

Highlights: Kelly Slater recalls ESAs Doc Couture; a Dr. Don James portfolio with intro by Craig Stecyk; Joey Cabell profile by Matt Warshaw “At Speed: a Life of Precision and Control”; and Warshaw’s surf industry story “Green on Blue”; “Steve Wilkings’ Lost Rolls, 1964-68”; Allan Weisbecker’s autobiographical “Of Waves, Women and the Mid-Life Blues”; a travel diary “46 Months” across the South Pacific by Dana Fisher; HB Pier photo essay “Pier Groups” by Mike Moir; Warshaw follows his surf industry piece with the research interviews of “Green on Blue on Tape”; “Woody Brown—Pilot, Surfer, Sailor” profile by Malcolm Gault-Williams; Butch Van Artsdalen celebrated in “Recollections of Butch” by Kip Kennedy; and Caroline Zimmermann’s art piece “A String of Pearls in the Arabian Sea.”

  • Volume 5 Issues 1-4