Volume 4, Hardbound


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Compiling Year Four’s issues into a 528-page hardcover book

Highlights: Steven Clines historical spoof, “Father Serra at El Rincon,” describing the good father’s fictional observations of Chumash surfing at Rincon were so convincing that the Carpinteria Historical Society quoted from it as fact in their Chamber of Commerce promo video; Matt Warshaw profiles Hawaii pioneer John Kelly in “20th Century Radical”; Gerry Lopez introduces the tow-in concept in “JATO: Jet Assisted Take-off”; ’60s icon photographer Ron Stoner profiled by Matt Warshaw (later expanded into a Surfer magazine book); Geoff Ragatz surveys Chile in “Sojourn to the Tip of the Southern Cone”; Bob McTavish describes and illustrates “Three Views of the (shortboard) Revolution”; expat Chuck Corbett tells of life in the South Pacific in “Blue Collar Paradise”; Gordon McClelland profiles surf movie pioneer Bud Browne; and surf pundandt Dave Parmenter expounds on “Postmodern Surfing in the Age of Reason.”

  • Volume 4 Issues 1-4