Volume 17 No. 4

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A reader-supported surf publication founded in 1992, The Surfer’s Journal is vivid, authoritative, and independent. The goal of each 132-page bimonthly edition? A completely resolved composition. Balance. Color. Story. And purist surf energy from Page One to close-of-book.

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The Kenya Promise, By Michael Kew, Fuzzy Returns to Rincon, By Andrew Kidman, Rapid Response Rescue, By Peter Maguire and George Greenough Clase Mundial, Cocina crilloa and reef waves on Borinquen, By Steve Fitzpatrick, Future Primtive, Rumaging with Jalian Johnston, By Devon Howard, Gray Matters, Two-tone emanations, Rob Gilley photographs, Over The Deep, Not swimming with the fishes at the Farallones, By Thayer Walker, Aqui No Mas, Pat Tobin’s Mainland reverie, Latitude 66/33. Cold doesn’t begin to explain this place, By Yassine Ouhilal, Sweet Sixteen, California time travel, By Ben Marcus, The Riddle of the Sands, By Chris Rauscher, Changing Room, By Neil Stebbins, Archipelago Love, Dustin Humphrey, fully acclimated to Indo By Nathan Myers.