Volume 1, Hardbound


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Compiling Year One’s issues into a 528-page hardcover book

Highlights: We began to explore having enough editorial pages to go beyond the normal range of subject matter. As a result, much of the content during our first year was groundbreaking stuff for surf magazines, including features on art, history, visiting surf personalities at home, extensive portfolios of a photographer’s life’s work including offbeat images, and literate texts over 5,000 words. Some, of particular interest to me were a tour through Mickey Munoz’s home and psyche in “Welcome to Mickey’s House”; oldster Noll and youngster Brock Little interacting in “The Bull and the Kid”; profile of early ’20s gremmie Chuck-a-luck in “Log Jam”; The Lopez profile (Q “What do you do for a living?” A. “My wife works.”); “Cakewalk” by Drew Kampion; and the 1976 Surfer magazine classic redux “Curse of the Chumash Revisited” by Craig Stecyk.

(2nd printing)

  • Volume 1 Issues 1-4