On the cover: The mirage-like Palmetto Point, in all its “everything aligns” glory. With access and, potentially, natural sediment distributions at risk due to big-moneyed interests, Barbuda’s already ephemeral wave could become nonexistent, wiped out in place of vacation estates and tee boxes. It’s the rare cause worthy of spot exposure in the name of preservation.


Page 26

The Quiet Line

As a creative director, fine-art painter, and surfer, Marcello Serpa tracks substance.

Words by Adrian Kojin | Image by Fernando Navarro

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Page 36

Limbering Music

Searching for distinct forms of perfection with French longboarder and autodidact Clovis Donizetti.

Words by Dodge Weirath | Image by Thomas Lodin

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Page 46

Brain Dump

Noa Deane shares his thoughts on instinct over analysis, the pitfalls of modern surfing, and unplugging the mind to stay plugged in.

As told to Vaughan Blakey | Image by Phil Gallagher

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Page 54

All Roads Lead West

Plying his trade at the terminus of Route 66, Jim Ganzer exhibits the breadth and depth of Los Angeles surf culture.

Words by Peter Maguire | Image courtesy of Jim Ganzer

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Page 70

48 Hours On Shifting Sand

The collision of real estate conglomerates and sand-point perfection on Barbuda.

Words by Alex Dick-Read | Image by Al Mackinnon

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Page 86

Flesh, Blood & Slabs

Seventy years on, in both talent and craft, the Longbottom family continues to cut their own path across surfing’s landscape.

Words by Ben Mondy | Image by Andrew Chisholm

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Page 96

Portfolio: Ted Grambeau

Forty years of a photographer’s wandering and searching eye.

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Page 16

Essay: The Duke and the Craft

The curious case of Hawaiian Freemasonry.

Words by Cedar Hobbs | Image courtesy of the Aloha Shriners

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Page 20

Interview: Some Men are Mountains

Clyde Aikau’s no-bullshit takes on charging at 70, his brother Eddie’s altruistic legacy, his family’s Waimea Bay lineage, and near death experiences.

Interview by Beau Flemister | Illustration by Matthieu Cossé

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Ukulele strums from lunar quarantine, the nascent Somali surf scene, cartoonishly long tube rides, a no-joke hold down with Summa Longbottom, road raging in jest, and more.

Purist surf energy from Page One to close-of-book, delivered directly to your door.