On the cover: Counterbalance—not posing—is the taproot of surf style. You sure as hell feel it here, all subtly elemental, as Levi Prairie coaxes a higher line from a tracking rail. The inner workings of TSJ 28.4 stretch from Hank Warner’s lifelong ride with surfing’s most revered icons to a local-level look inside the DIY Cuban surf-skate community. Modern interpretations of George Greenough’s edge board designs, the 1970s photography of Dan Merkel, and Jack Coleman’s lo-fi cinematic creations round the issue into shape.

Film still by Jack Coleman

Super 8 Polyester Elixir

The sherbet-tinted lens of filmmaker Jack Coleman.

Photo by Mark Mcinnis

Misadventures in Point Hunting

Four surfers, two dogs, one truck, and 2,000 miles of Chilean coastline. What could go wrong?

Photo by Shawn Parkin

The Gremmie

Hank Warner’s shotgun legends.

Photo by Will Saunders

Revolución Continuó

Surfing and skating through modern Cuba.

Photo by Andrew Kidman

On the Edge of a (Fever) Dream

George Greenough and multi-hull edge boards are at the center of Andrew Kidman and Ellis Ericson’s project to document the space-race around a singular design concept.

Photo by Matt Titone

Ad Hoc Assemblages

At home with Charles Adler and his well-curated artifacts.

Photo courtesy of Coastal Geology Group

Everything Becomes Something Else

A walk from Velzyland to Log Cabins

Photo by Dan Merkel

The Shooter Walks Away

Dan Merkel’s climb, fall, and various regenerations.