On the cover: Counterbalance—not posing—is the taproot of surf style. You sure as hell feel it here, all subtly elemental, as Levi Prairie coaxes a higher line from a tracking rail. The inner workings of TSJ 28.4 stretch from Hank Warner’s lifelong ride with surfing’s most revered icons to a local-level look inside the DIY Cuban surf-skate community. Modern interpretations of George Greenough’s edge board designs, the 1970s photography of Dan Merkel, and Jack Coleman’s lo-fi cinematic creations round the issue into shape.


[sj_full_text_below title=”Super 8 Polyester Elixir” byline=”By Dodge Weirath” page=”Page 22″ teaser_text=”The%20sherbet-tinted%20lens%20of%20filmmaker%20Jack%20Coleman.” image=”979561″ overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”Film still by Jack Coleman” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Misadventures in Point Hunting” byline=”By Noah Cohen & Mark McInnis” page=”Page 34″ teaser_text=”Four%20surfers%2C%20two%20dogs%2C%20one%20truck%2C%20and%202%2C000%20miles%20of%20Chilean%20coastline.%20What%20could%20go%20wrong%3F” image=”979562″ text_overlay=”The pitfall of having so many quality setups in one area is the constant urge to know which one is best at all times. ” overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”Photo by Mark Mcinnis” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”The Gremmie” byline=”As told to Chris Ahrens” page=”Page 44″ teaser_text=”Hank%20Warner%E2%80%99s%20shotgun%20legends.” image=”987746″ overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”Photo by Shawn Parkin” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Revolución Continuó” byline=”By Jacob Oster & Will Saunders” page=”Page 54″ teaser_text=”Surfing%20and%20skating%20through%20modern%20Cuba.” image=”979564″ overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”Photo by Will Saunders” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”On the Edge of a (Fever) Dream” byline=”By Steve Shearer” page=”Page 62″ teaser_text=”George%20Greenough%20and%20multi-hull%20edge%20boards%20are%20at%20the%20center%20of%20Andrew%20Kidman%20and%20Ellis%20Ericson%E2%80%99s%20project%20to%20document%20the%20space-race%20around%20a%20singular%20design%20concept.” image=”979565″ text_overlay=”Twenty years of computer-aided design and production have given us nothing but increasingly accurate iterations of the status quo. In Greenough’s backyard the paper template, the vice and torsion spring, and a whole gamut of low-tech industrial methods have produced results far outside the mainstream.” overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”Photo by Andrew Kidman” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Ad Hoc Assemblages” byline=”Michael Gross & Matt Titone” page=”Page 74″ teaser_text=”At%20home%20with%20Charles%20Adler%20and%20his%20well-curated%20artifacts.” image=”979957″ overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”Photo by Matt Titone” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Everything Becomes Something Else” byline=”By Jamie Brisick” page=”Page 80″ teaser_text=”A%20walk%20from%20Velzyland%20to%20Log%20Cabins” image=”979568″ overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”Photo courtesy of Coastal Geology Group” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”The Shooter Walks Away” byline=”By Nick Carroll” page=”Page 88″ teaser_text=”Dan%20Merkel%E2%80%99s%20climb%2C%20fall%2C%20and%20various%20regenerations.” image=”987752″ text_overlay=”“I’d never met anyone so determined to get into the spot, with zero regard for his safety,” says Shaun Tomson. “Closedout Waimea, he’d just be laughing, throwing his mat away like it was a joke.”” overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”Photo by Dan Merkel” credits_color=”white” /]