On the cover: The Antarctic Ocean heaves against a glacial structure. Features inside anatomize Matt Wesson’s underground eyeball of Los Angeles, Waimea and Pipeline icon James Jones’ style mechanics, and the viscera of a road journey through West Africa. Artists Thomas Campbell and Alex Israel, water photographer Zak Noyle, and the homespun architecture of Lloyd Kahn add connective tissue.

Art by Thomas Campbell, Photos by Thomas Campbell and Grant Ellis

Extended Subversions

A gallery of abstraction and actuality from the set of Thomas Campbell’s Yi-Wo.

Photo by Leo Hetzel


Lloyd Kahn’s arc, from surfing’s balsa era, through New Age architecture, to off-the-grid publishing.

Photo by Gauchos Del Mar

South From Gibraltar

Land crawling in search of untapped surf. A West African diary.

Photo by Matt Wessen

Mayhem and Beauty

The offhand noir of photographer Matt Wessen’s LA County series captures the duality of the Los Angeles surf-scape.

Photo by Dan Merkel/A-Frame

The Privateer

Switch-stance hellman. Duke contest winner. Preternatural at Sunset and Pipe. First-ever to get tubed at Waimea. James Jones was one of the most talented and fearless Hawaiian surfers of his generation.

Artwork by Alex Israel

The Venn Diagram of Pop

Alex Israel’s artwork blurs the lines between fine art, superficiality, and appropriations of surf.

Photo by Zak Noyle

Portfolio: Zak Noyle

The high risk, high reward of Zak Noyle’s water photography.