On the cover: Dion Agius removes the right amount of serenity from a lonely, aquamarine bank on the east coast of Tasmania. Story points inside hack through the thickets of a rhythmic West African pointbreak, the machinations of procuring the perfect two-board quiver, and David Darling’s 1960s lens-work in Hawaii. Hayden Cox’s self-renovated perch in Sydney, and Chris Klopf’s traditional-minded subjects add a touch of the domestic. More below.

Photo by Corban Cambell

Relentless Industry

Paul Naudé’s drive for creation has taken him from the shaping bays of South Africa to his locus in the boardroom.

Photo by Chris Klopf

The Strange Art of Composure

Exacting studies in trim, equilibrium, and gradation through the lens of Chris Klopf.

Photo by Morgan Maassen

Soundings: The Two-Board Quiver

Globally targeted pairings with an eye toward minimalism.

Photo by Alan Van Gysen

Nu Rythmo

The pulse and measure of an African point wave.

Photo by David Darling

Lucky Eyes

David Darling and his camera were often in the right place, with the right revolutionaries, in 1960s era Hawaii.

Photo by Matt Titone

The Future’s Unridden

At Home With Hayden Cox

Photo by Steve Baccon

Portfolio: Steve Baccon

All bona fides in order with the Australian shooter.