On the cover: Multi-disciplined surfboard artisan Joe Roper. Features inside the book include a Mexican wave zone lost to time and interest, a glacial-fed A-frame, and a surf playground amid an atomic testing range. The animation and comic paneling of cartoonists Stephen Hillenburg and Roy Gonzalez, plus the creative outputs of Josh Martin, Denis Stock, and Nate Lawrence add additional facets and textures.

Photo by Ron Stoner

AKA Stoner’s

How the original secret spot was overshadowed by time and inclination.

Photo by Shawn Parkin

Chain of Custody

Informed by the work of journeymen and pioneers, Josh Martin’s workshop is part skunkworks, part cabinet of curiosities.

Photo by Dennis Stock/Magnum Photos

Something About California Bugged Dennis Stock

When a Magnum agency legend turned his lens on our culture.

Photo by Pablo Jiménez

The Andes & the Ice Field

Hunting for surf on the Isthmus of Ofqui.

Roy Gonzales

Monsters Ink

Retracing the artistic journey of Roy Gonzalez.

Photo by Damea Dorsey

Captain Daly’s Redoubt

Highly decorated surf explorer Martin Daly has just finished polishing the gelcoat on his Marshall Islands lodge. As far-flung tropical idylls go, it doesn’t look half bad…

Stephen Hillenburg

The Billion-Dollar Sketchbook

How animator and surfer Stephen Hillenburg’s brainchild made its debut around a Baja campfire.

Portfolio: Nate Lawrence

Indonesian cul-de-sacs, Californian heritages, and the inarguable benefits of showing up.