Watch Dave Rastovich (and other forms of sea life) on the coast of New South Wales.

Light / Dark

In TSJ 27.4, veteran contributor Steve Barilotti profiles Dave Rastovich and comes away with a long-form examination of a career that has been defined by Rastovich’s shift “from surfer-activist to activist-surfer.” The feedback loop, and also the incongruities, between these two aspects of Rastovich’s personality provide a look at the subject’s evolving understanding of his own convictions, and ultimately stitch the piece together.

Some of those elements are on display in the clip above, which was shot and cut by Nathan Oldfield. According to the filmmaker, the title, “Wajung,” references an aboriginal name for the bottle nosed dolphins found along the coast of New South Wales—Rastovich’s current habitat.

To read Barilotti’s profile, “Good Trouble: The continuing education of Dave Rastovich,” pick up a copy of the mag.