Triple X

An exclusive excerpt from Tin Ojeda's Expencive Porno Movie

Light / Dark

Issue 24.2 of TSJ features a portfolio of scenes from the making of Tin Ojeda’s Expencive Porno Movie. Ojeda worked on a shoestring budget, using a limited amount of 16mm film to shoot Expencive. The majority of the footage was captured in just two months of road trips along the California coast. Those constraints lend the project—and the accompanying photographs—the feeling of immediacy that a good run of swell close to home can often induce, dropping everything to go find waves. Ojeda recently cut together this edit for TSJ to provide a sampling of the eclectic mix of surfers who crossed his lens while the swell was running.

“Triple X” a curation of California road trip photography from Expencive Porno Movie is featured in issue 24.2 of TSJ. The full-length film is available for purchase here.