Those Many Unmarked Miles

Exploring the Canadian wilderness with Jeremy Koreski

Light / Dark

In Tofino, a “Mile Zero” sign marks the western end of the Trans-Canada highway and the start of the Pacific Ocean. The coastlines scattered to the north and west of that point are where photographer Jeremy Koreski, whose portfolio is featured in issue 24.1 of TSJ, focuses his lens. With boat-in access to remote reefs and untracked miles of rainforest to explore, Koreski has a kind of weather-worn surf photographer’s theme park outside his front door. Many photographers would end up with a fairly one-dimensional body of work sticking so close to home. But the range of surf setups packed into the area surrounding Tofino offers wide variety amid rapidly changing condition sets. Here’s a look at how Koreski approaches his craft on the coastal stretch where he grew up.

A selection of the finest surf photography from Jeremy Koreski is featured in issue 24.1 of TSJ