The Mitre Expedition

Fifty-three days on foot in the forgotten hinterlands of Tierra del Fuego.

Light / Dark

Recently, Argentinian surfer Joaquin Azulay—along with his brother Julian and their friends Sergio Anselmino and Silvio Ojeda—opted to hunt for surf in one of the most isolated, savage, and southernmost regions of the world.

“A friend drove us to the end of Route J on the Pan-American Highway,” Azulay writes, “deep within Tierra del Fuego. He dropped us off at the Moat Prefecture, where the roads of the Americas come to their end. The only means of communication with the outside world from that point forward would be a satellite phone, for a possible emergency.”

The team then spent 53 days on foot, navigating around the tip of the Mitre Peninsula, which is essentially the horn of South America. In the process they discovered a handful of Arctic waves and (we’re sure) quite a few things about their own characters. The byproducts of their efforts appear in TSJ 25.5. They additionally managed to produce a feature length film, a teaser of which appears below. Please enjoy.

Click here to download the full-length film.