The Blueprint

Shane Dorian (in human-scale surf) circa 2002.

Light / Dark

In the process of assembling our Shane Dorian profile in 25.3, we took a scan back at the full length of his career. And we were reminded of a time when Shane was primarily known not for his heroics in massive surf, but rather for his flawless technique in more-relatable conditions. (He already had a rep for packing massive Pipe, of course, and charging Oahu’s outer reefs, but we’re talking comparatively.) Our photo hunting to illustrate this period churned up a few gems, which appear in the piece itself. But we also decided to scare up a bit of vid. That led us to filmmaker Chad Campbell, the auteur of Shane’s 2002 profile flick, The Blueprint, who graciously agreed to stream the biopic here in all its pre-HD glory. Cameos from Andy and Bruce Irons, among others, make it all the more watchable. We hope you enjoy.

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