Alex Kopps, the Gothic Dolphins, and displacement hulls from TSJ Volume 18.

Light / Dark

While “hobbled” by six-a-year frequency, The Surfer’s Journal manages to break long-form studies of alternative surfboard modes in a way that invariably forecasts rank-and-file surf interest. The neo-alaia, the classic Lis Fish, the Frye Double Eagle, the Hynd finless, the MiniSimmons, the mat…all received feature attention here before any other periodical even saw one in person.

Much of this success can be attributed to our highly-involved, rabidly-hardcore clutch of friends and collaborators. Some of it comes from our native kink—we’re open-minded damn near to a fault.

 Which is exactly what readers discovered when they cracked TSJ Volume 18, Number 1. That’s where we installed the Alex Kopps/Gothic Dolphins Hull roundup. As trippy as the fellows who espouse the board designs’ attributes, the “Displacement” piece does a good job displaying how TSJ manages to feel traditional in the hand, but ultra-prog in effect. —Scott Hulet

Greetings from the Atrum Umbra Institute of Trimology. The Pacific Transitional-Displacement Pod and The North American REDACTED (Snihplod Cihtog) are pleased to present you with this very personal message. This is your official update on the Displacement film project and “REDACTED” program exacted in the fall of 2006.

Firstly, the film Displacement by Alex Kopps must be completed by REDACTED to fulfill his contractual agreement with our organizations. The film will take you on a journey of biblical proportions as it probes both the spiritual and cultural implications surrounding Transitional Displacement Hull. Displacement will finally reveal that the REDACTED surfboard design is acutely REDACTED and you will not believe your eyes. The filmmaker will then whisk you away to secret surf locations such as REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, while forgoing towards world peace, the end of disease as we know it, and a general social/cultural calm. This deeper spiritual reality that extends beyond REDACTED will help you experience an elusive emotion known as stoke.

The film Displacement will be shot “entirely on REDACTED,” as Kopps describes, “creating a garage sale of texture and emotion.” We suspect there will be one-dollar yarn paintings around every corner of this cinematic Rubik’s Cube. Kopps will then focus on REDACTED making use of the more democratic medium of magnetic tape. It’s scary to think the world could possibly have never experienced the REDACTED and broad healing power of film.

On a more sullen note, there is a historical element to Displacement as it relates to Transitional Displacement Hulls that we must cover. The Hullocaust is the term generally used to describe the genocide of approximately REDACTED Displacement Hulls during “Island Fever” (an historical period where focus and media attention was on the Hawaiian Islands), as part of a program of deliberate extermination planned and executed by the commercial/competitive surf regime primarily in the United States and Australia. What surfing’s ruling class called the “REDACTED.”

Displacement’s cast of characters are as diverse as they are talented, with the likes of REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, just to name a few. Steve Krajewski believed that these Transitional Displacement Hulls or Stubbies were the REDACTED surfboards in the world due to REDACTED in combination with core flex and a Hull’s vital force. Some REDACTED held that the vital force could be identified with “G-rays.” This term, named after George REDACTED was coined when radiation was observed Krajewski in 1971, after 36 hours of contemplation in total darkness. Displacement will investigate such findings, which are still disputed by “the elite surf media.”

Hence, Displacement will also offer you a shockingly REDACTED but entirely complete history of surfing. This history will exclude no one as it even-handedly paints a vast and representational portrait of REDACTED’s contribution to the evolution of the Displacement Hull. While watching Displacement, the truth will ring clear as you finally realize that without the contributions of REDACTED there would be no such thing as “functional” surfboards. In which case, we would have been rendered incapable of experiencing joy of any sort and may have found ourselves gazing at the ocean perplexed and “stoke” free.

While a great deal of REDACTED, much of the information about The REDACTED (Snihplod Cihtog) remains unverified. Kopps found there were very few official documents and no official spokespersons that can document the beliefs and practices of this Neo-Hullistic splinter group. Displacement has included some ex-member accounts, but they can be contradictory, as their statements are often based upon hearsay from REDACTED.

Displacement will attempt to REDACTED the dark web of negativity that has cocooned this group known also as The REDACTED (Snihplod Cihtog). It appears that recent activities such as REDACTED transpiring during “Pod Play” has alerted authorities in some rural communities. These rural “Pods” are usually made up of new members, typically referred to as “swim alongs.” This collective action and support of communal interests and goals is common during “Pod Play.” The word “Gothic Dolphin” often carries a negative connotation; however, within the “Pod” which defines itself in opposition to REDACTED norms, members may adopt the term as a superficial statement of identity or defiance.

In closing, Displacement covers all of these issues and more in exhaustive detail, finally explaining the Transitional Displacement Hull and the people who ride them in plain language for the average surfer.

*It is important to understand that the film Displacement or REDACTED are not to be held liable for any actions carried out by these mentioned or any related parts of the Umbra Delphinidae Family.