The A-Frame Strike

Craig Anderson hunts wedges along the road less traveled.

Light / Dark

“The trip started in Newcastle at 7 p.m.,” writes Craig Anderson of the strike mission presented in the video below and as a feature in TSJ 25.2. “I drove to the south coast of New South Wales to pick up two friends, then we powered overnight in order to get to the Melbourne airport for an afternoon flight, which was scheduled for the next day. It was a solid 16-hour mission to make it to the tarmac. I did the graveyard shift behind the wheel from 2 a.m. to sometime after sunrise. I had never done an all-night drive, but my pals were seasoned veterans and these missions are a regular occurrence for them. The swings of delirium and shear craziness are pretty enjoyable late at night—and somewhat funny when you embrace them. Coffee, loud music, and a team where everyone stays awake is key. I’ve been really excited lately about putting in a bit more effort, and taking the road less traveled. That’s not to say that this place has never been surfed before, but the further you drive, or the further you fly, the less humans you will have around when you arrive.”

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