Soundings: Season 3 Episode 8

Mick Fanning

On stepping off the world tour, grief, finding solace in competitive surfing, and dealing with the aftermath of his near-shark attack at J-Bay.

Light / Dark

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In his 17 years on the world tour, three-time world champion Mick Fanning surfed with a competitive focus and drive that often went unparalleled. He became a household name for surfers and non-surfers alike after surviving a mid-competition shark encounter in 2015 that was broadcast worldwide. The incident proved just one in a set of Shakespearean events that have colored the Gold Coast surfer’s life. Fanning sits down with Jamie Brisick to talk about the mental and emotional safety of being on tour, what fuels his competitive fire, the important distinction between who you are and your career, his connection to surfing in a post-competition life, and discovering the news of his brother’s passing on the eve of the 2015 Pipe Masters.

Produced by Jonathan Shifflett.
Music by Paz Lenchantin.

Feature image by Trevor Moran.