Soundings: Season 4 Episode 2

Lisa Andersen

On winning world titles, motherhood, fandom, paying homage, traditional lines, Tom Curren, trying to fit in, and how one piece of clothing altered her life.

Light / Dark

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Lisa Andersen’s surf story began at age 13 in the early 1980s in Ormond Beach, Florida, where surfing—especially women’s surfing—was an underground endeavor. She soon ran away from home and wound up in Huntington Beach, California. By the turn of the decade, she was on tour, turning heads with an elegant and aggressive style that stood out among the ranks of both genders, and changed the way women’s surfing was perceived. By the turn of the millennium, she was an icon: a four-time world champion and the face of a multi-million-dollar brand. In this episode, Andersen sits down with Jamie Brisick to talk about self-worth, how motherhood has informed the way she carries herself as an athlete, marketability and it’s challenges, fear of the unknown, her role in the creation of an industry, reinventing surfing for herself, and the future of women’s surfing.

Produced by Jonathan Shifflett.
Music by Farmer Dave & the Wizards of the West.

Feature image by Grant Ellis.