Soundings: Season 2 Episode 6

Dibi Fletcher

The Fletcher family matriarch on what fuels her endlessly-inspired disposition, watching her sons pit themselves against nature, the virtues of being fearless, challenging social norms, and what excites her about technology.

Light / Dark

Dibi Fletcher, the self-described progenitor of a “gene pool of cool,” has mastered living life to the fullest. An artist, writer, and entrepreneur, her vivacity, lust for freedom, and go for broke mentality has fueled both her own and her sons’ enduring desire to push the envelope. Dibi’s refusal to be constricted by societal norms has enabled her to engage with the world as a sphere of endless opportunity. In this episode of Soundings, Dibi talks with Jamie Brisick about the (d)evolution of surfing from countercultural lifestyle to mainstream sport, the influence of technology on Astrodeck and the metaverse, and the virtues of coming face to face with your own mortality.

Produced by Jonathan Shifflett.
Music by Gunn-Truscinski Duo.

Feature image by Herbie Fletcher.