Soundings: Season 2 Episode 3

Brian Keaulana

The waterman on “designing danger” as a Hollywood stuntman, eschewing labels, training for wipeouts, the aloha spirit, the visceral connection between fear and enlightenment, and his family’s Westside legacy. 

Light / Dark

Brian Keaulana is an esteemed lifesaver and surfer who has been an irreplaceable advocate for the importance of life-saving skills and ocean-education within the surfing community. Son of renowned surfer and lifesaver Buffalo Keaulana and brother of three-time ASP World Longboard champion Rusty, Brian has understood the importance of living in symbiosis with his surroundings from a young age, starting with getting in the water with his father at just three months old. In this episode, he discusses his family’s legacy, Hollywood, survival, and the power of storytelling as a vehicle for cross-cultural communication.

Produced by Jonathan Shifflett.
Music by Gunn – Truscinski Duo.

Feature image by Jeff Divine.