Soundings: Season 3 Episode 4

Barton Lynch

The ’88 world champ on anarchy, his childhood at Whale Beach, hitch-hiking, method-acting as an athlete, and being disciplined in the pursuit of your dreams.

Light / Dark

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Hailing from New South Wales, Australia, Barton Lynch is widely recognized in the international surfing community for his strict competitive nature and adaptable style. Lynch emerged from the world of competitive surfing in 1988 with several world tour event wins and one world title. In his youth, he held steadfast to anarchist beliefs and an attitude of a general “revolt against the man.” He sits down with Jamie Brisick to talk about surrendering his ideals to become a pro surfer, surfing as a means of self-expression, and what wave riding came to mean to him as a child in the wake of his father’s death.

Produced by Jonathan Shifflett.
Music by Paz Lenchantin.

Feature image by Tony Harrington.