Smooth Through the Curves

In the studio (and in the water) with La Jolla ceramicist Joe Skoby.

Light / Dark

Ceramicist, fishmonger, and Windansea hand Joe Skoby “is a dedicated aesthetician,” and “a polite, respectful, and extremely stylish surfer,” according to Richard Kenvin, who profiles the artist in TSJ 25.6. This vid—cut by fellow La Jollan Derek Dunfee—serves as proof of fact. “You’re taking this lump of clay,” Skoby says of his ceramics work, “and it’s spinning and moving and you need to control that spin and movement, and its all about curves, like bottom turns and top turns. The clay is wet, and you have a time limit, a beginning and an end, so in a way it’s kind of like riding a wave.”

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