Select Dates and Shapes of Dreams Come True

Watch Ryan Burch’s Ekstrom-inspired asym experimentations at G-land in a short film by Ryan Thomas.

Light / Dark

There is only one true source of asym, and Ryan Burch is his prophet.

Shaper/designer/futurist Carl Ekstrom has devoted his life to the articulation of these counterintuitive vessels. Contemporary interest in his designs was sparked by regular TSJ contributor Richard Kenvin, who rode the hell out of them. RK quickly tapped Burch as a willing test rider and foam-mowing stablemate for Ekstrom.

Since that introduction nearly a decade ago, Burch has worked closely with both Kenvin and Ekstrom, logging breakthrough lines in the process.

In the flick above, filmmaker Ryan Thomas (fresh off the trail of Psychic Migrations, and headed toward his upcoming Temporal Collections) delivers the motion goods—along with some longer-form evolutionary connections. Shot at Grajagan in 2011, it features previously unseen footage of Burch’s first asym experimentations outside of California, resulting in an interlude that’s a suitable pairing for the asym feature in the latest Journal.