Ride a White Horse

Nat Young's song of praise for Bob Evans

Light / Dark

Issue 24.3 of TSJ features a retrospective on the work of Australia’s Bob Evans, one of surfing’s most prolific early film- and magazine-makers. Evans ran with the influential surfers of his time and place, including Bob McTavish and Nat Young (whose recollections of Evans appear in the magazine). One of Evans’ classic, if less remembered, surf films is the 1968 release, Ride a White Horse. In the film Evans documents a significant crossroads in surfing history that’s easy to appreciate decades later. We see Young and McTavish sharing long point waves and slowly testing their more involved approaches. George Greenough even makes a guest appearance on his kneeboard. The following excerpt from the film captures sessions at Double Island Point and Noosa with McTavish, Young, and Greenough—and at least one wave shared by all three.

Check out “A Train Going West,” in issue 24.3 of TSJ, featuring stories from Alby Falzon, Nat Young, and Bob McTavish, on Aussie media maestro Bob Evans.