Portfolio: Javier Muñoz

Basque Country and Beyond With “Pacotwo”

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Javier Muñoz, a.k.a. “Pacotwo,” is one of the Basque country’s most prolific documenters of the surfing life. The portfolio of Muñoz’s work presented in issue 24.5 of the magazine strings together the ultimate surfing Euro trip with the help of his local expertise. There are the reliable surfing stops: Mundaka, Biarritz, Peniche. But also the fickle and surprising surf destinations like Ibiza and Lanzarote. Here Muñoz and his fellow countrymen provide a brief look at the hunt for surf and print-worthy images close to home:

A portfolio of Javier Muñoz’s surf photography in the Basque Country and beyond is featured in issue 24.5 of TSJ