Portfolio: Group Show

Peak action and offbeat looks from surfing’s top shooters.

Light / Dark

New Year’s Day rundown, the top-to-bottom rubber an absolute seasonal necessity in British Columbia. Photograph by Jeremy Koreski.
Janek Peladeau, Vancouver Island. Photograph by Marcus Paladino.
Fourteen-year-old MaiKai Burdine finds more solid footing in 2020. Photograph by Mike Chlala.
Jason Woodside slots into a Hitchcockian setup in Central California. Photograph by Jeremiah Klein.
Ben Aipa with one of his many team riders, Trestles, 1976. “Ben was one of the original Hawaiians—along with Larry Bertlemann, Dane Kealoha, Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Mark Liddell, and Louie Ferreira—who would show up in the summer during the California contest season,” says photographer Art Brewer. “They always stayed in San Clemente and Dana Point—close to the best surf. This was one of those ugly June days when the waves were on fire.”
Jack Robinson, Margaret River. “The who’s-who were out this afternoon,” says photographer Tom Pearsall, “but Jack showed them all what a local-level understanding of a spot can lend itself to.”
Brayden Cain, Saltwater Beach, New South Wales. Photograph by Alex Brunton.
Ben Macartney, Bronte Beach, Sydney. “The banks had been pushed out so far past the reef that the takeoff was in line with the cemetery,” says photographer Bill Morris. “It was 8 to 10 feet of pure south groundswell combined with a cold, offshore west wind. Waves were being ridden all the way to Tamarama, the next beach north, but quite a few surfers were washed onto the rocks in their attempts.”