Plenty of Fish

Andrew Kidman's Skip Frye-shaped twin-fins at work

Light / Dark

Riding various fish shapes has been a decades-long obsession for surfer/writer/filmmaker Andrew Kidman. He’s taken them on test tracks from the Outer Hebrides to La Jolla, and Jeffreys Bay to Long Island. In issue 24.1 he writes about these travels and the value of fully exploring a single board design—noting the influence of the surfers he’s met along the way. “As surfboard shapers continue to look for some kind of new design to spruik,” Kidman writes, “it’s worth noting that San Diego shapers like Skip Frye, Steve Lis, Larry Gephart, Steve Pendarvis, and their cohort have spent years honing this one design.” Here Kidman strings together some archival footage of his Frye-shaped twin-fins at work.

Andrew Kidman’s board design essay “Plenty of Fish” is available in issue 24.1 of TSJ