Movement and Speed

Painter. Board Builder. Wrench. Brian Bent exceeds the sum of his parts.

Light / Dark

“Those who have met him,” writes Kyle DeNuccio of his profile subject in TSJ 27.1, “know the 1950s are about as far forward in time as Brian Bent tends to travel when making his short-piped, period-correct hot rods. The same applies for his surfboards. As a man whose aesthetic is governed almost entirely by movement and speed, Bent applies these same elements to his paintings, most evidently perhaps in his stylized replications of surf magazine covers. He usually works in his master-bedroom-turned-art-studio, painting on an amplifier or on the floor.”

Checkout the short biopic above, from filmmaker Taylor Filasky, for a closer look at Bent’s modus and operation. Then pick up a copy of the mag to see a gallery of his work, and to read the rest of DeNuccio’s profile of the wrench/board-builder/artist.