Landscape Painters

Taj Burrow, Jay Davies, Dino Adrian, and John Respondek dig into the bone-blasted outback of Western Australia.

Light / Dark

In TSJ 28.6, we journey to the northern deserts of Western Australia to set up camp and hunt for slabs with surfers Taj Burrow, Jay Davies, Dino Adrian, and photographer John Respondek. Two weeks in the dirt saw sharks circle the jet ski, a caravan nearly blown off its hinges, reptile skin, and cell service anxiety. And a plethora of ramps and tubes, of course.

Watch the above video for some in-motion highlights and photographic outtakes of the trip, as well as narration by Burrow himself. And hit the subscribe button to the right to get the issue and deep-dive into the trip.

Cinematography by Wyatt Davies and Tom Jennings. Photography by John Respondek. Edit by Nathan Myers.