Soup Jockeys

A short film featuring Jordan Rodin’s finless surfing and Billy Cervi’s cinematography.

Light / Dark

In TSJ 33.2’s “Soup Jockeys,” author Jamie Brisick tracks Western Australia-based finless surfer Jordan Rodin and photographer Billy Cervi’s tag team approach to making hay in the slop. From early experimentation to gaining Derek Hynd’s mentorship, the duo continues down a frictionless path.

“The biggest attraction for me is not having to generate your own speed,” Rodin says. “It’s flat out from start to finish, and it opens a lot of windows to waves that aren’t so good for surfing with fins. Your toes are like little feeling sensors, little signals to your brain. The low center of gravity is better for control and stability. It’s a weird one.”

Pick up a copy of TSJ 33.2 for the full feature.

Film by Cervi. Music by Australian Chamber Orchestra.

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