The High Line: October 2022

TSJ’s monthly digs concerning surf, mostly.

Light / Dark

Discovery and destruction. 


Morning of the Earth

We’re excited to present a free screening of Alby Falzon’s classic 1972 film to all TSJ members. Featuring Nat Young, Terry Fitzgerald, Michael Peterson, Gerry Lopez, and more surfing to G. Wayne Thomas’ legendary soundtrack. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the film underwent a meticulous transferring process from Falzon’s original 16mm film reels. The result is a beautiful, 4K digital remaster. MOTE’s restoration was a three-year-long, independently financed passion project. In support, click here to shop film merch and the 256-page hardbound companion volume with words by Falzon, Torren Martyn, David Elfick, Simon Jones, Sean Doherty, and Jamie Brisick. Click here to watch now through October 30. Not a TSJ member? Quit slippin’ and sign up today.





Hold Fast
by Colin Macleod

The latest LP from Hebridean surfer, crofter, folk rocker, and TSJ 31.4 profile subject Colin Macleod. Music journo John Barlass summarizes Hold Fast as “an album characterized by strong melodies, sung in a strong, clear voice that can work the whole continuum between that of the surly country balladeer to something close to Roy Orbison in full, dramatic flow.” To read “Lightness of Manner,” author Jamie Currie’s feature on Macleod, click here. 


Grajagan, Surfing in the Tiger’s Lair: 1972-1984
by Mike Ritter & Jack McCoy

Last year, in TSJ 30.3, we excerpted “Fortune Favors the Bold” from a then still-in-the-making book by G-Land’s pioneers. You remember the feature: A crew of ganja-smuggling surfers on the lam narrowly avoiding disasters to carve first tracks at the reeling left. Well, the book is now finished and available from our friends at Cyclops Press. In celebration of its publication, there will be an online discussion with its authors on November 8 at 6:30 p.m. (PST) followed by a few in-store readings. Click here for details about the events and click here to pick up a copy.


Save Barbuda

The Caribbean island of Barbuda is home to a right-hander that reels for comical lengths along a white-sand beach (see the cover image of our new issue above). Unlike neighboring islands, Barbuda has managed to stave off heavy, tourism-based foreign development due to conservation laws dating back to the 1800s. That is until recently. The government has rolled back protective measures at a cost to locals, and developers have already deployed the heavy equipment. Specifically, and very on brand, billionaires are building a private resort and golf course right on top of the bank. Head over to for the full scoop to learn more about how you can help this wave at risk. To read an excerpt from “48 Hours on Shifting Sand,” author Alex Dick-Read’s TSJ 31.5 feature detailing the current scene on Barbuda, click here. 


Don’t Be Careful. Careful Kills. With Peter Maguire
Episode 346 of the Jocko Podcast

Longtime TSJ contributor Peter Maguire joins retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink on his podcast. The duo get into Maguire’s trajectory from California surfing roots to smuggling weed to professorship to investigating the Khmer Rouge’s war crimes in Cambodia, and many fascinating yarns in between. You’ll be rapt every minute of their nearly three-and-half-hour conversation. Read Jocko’s interview (by Maguire) in TSJ 29.6 by clicking here. For Maguire’s latest work, read our current issue’s “All Roads Lead West,” a profile of creative multi-hyphenate turned ’80s clothing magnate Jimmy Ganzer. 


Help Art Brewer

Art Brewer is the dean of active American surf photographers. His body of work includes era-defining action classics, psyche-probing portraits, and surf-cultural tableaus dating back to 1967. His health has recently taken a turn for the worse, and he’s presently in the ICU battling infection after receiving a liver transplant. Even with insurance, the iconic photographer has racked up a six-figure hospital bill. Please consider donating to Art’s recovery fund by clicking here


Paper, Cloth, and Metal

The TSJ company store is restocked with new merchandise featuring our shadow logo designed by artist and 31.1 profile subject Geoff McFetridge. Get a jump on the holidays and click here to shop now. While you’re there, consider a gift subscription for someone you know—or for yourself.