Harrison Roach in “Proper by Any Measure”

A short film featuring the TSJ 33.3 profile subject riding boards from his diverse quiver.

Light / Dark

“Long before he won a world title in 2022,” Michael Adno writes in TSJ 33.3, “Harrison Roach was known as a surfer’s surfer, admired for balancing a career that was made from equal parts curiosity, creativity, and complexity. Some knew him for winning three Duct Tape Invitationals and for surfing for brands like Rhythm, Deus, and Roark, some from appearing in films by Thomas Campbell and Andrew Kidman, always surfing longboards well, properly surfing single-fins at Pipe and alaias in heavy surf.”

In the short film above, Roach applies his versatile skill to a wide range of crafts. To read “Proper by Any Measure: From Noosa Shire to the Bitter South with Harrison Roach,” pick up a copy of our current issue. 

Film by Hunter Vercoe. 

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