First Point, Spin the Globe, Blank Expression, The Best I Ever Saw & Flashpoint

First Point

First Point: David Pu'u from Central Coast California captures Hans Hathje caught in the bubble in Ventura, California. Spin the Globe: Discovered by the Bishop of Panama, Geoff Ragatz captures the harbor wave at San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands. First surfed in the early '60s, it boasts less than 100 local surfers and two dozen breaks. Blank Expression: Steve Pezman chats with Carl Ekstrom about furniture design, which happens to embody surfboard design. He loves the evolvement from an archaic to a classic state whether it be furniture, surfboard, or skateboard form. Next, Carl enlightens us about Bufo's Hydroflex system that controls flex in surfboards by injecting adjustable air pressure into a polystyrene foam core through an air valve.The Best I Ever Saw: Surfing since the age of 7, Owen Wright loves big, left-hand barrels, Aussie Pipe, and "Ozzie" Wright's high-flying giant airs. Owen is a huge fan of Ozzie's and has taken great inspiration from him in his surfing life.Flashpoint: With excerpts from Surfer magazines "Godzilla vs. Cinderella," and the surf film "High Noon at Low Tide", Marcus assembles the players of the day to recall the worst wipeout ever: Jay Moriarity, Maverick's, Monday, December 12, 1994.
Volume 20, Issue 4

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