Faces of Africa

A coastal survey from Morocco to Senegal.

Light / Dark

In TSJ 26.5, we ride shotgun with the film crew of Beyond as they explore various outposts along the northwest coast of Africa, logging footage, words, and photos that track the pollination of surf culture throughout the area.

“While our end product fails to reveal a defined answer of how surfing evolved in Africa,” says director Mario Hainzl, “I humbly consider it an introduction, valuable to me, and hopefully a window into the area through the eyes of its inhabitants.”

In the clip above, cut for TSJ to accompany the print feature, Hainzl and associates assembled a quick-scan of the textures and voices they encountered in an array of established and emergent surf populaces.

More on the feature-length documentary in the new issue, and here, on their website, where you can find trailers, premier info, and screening dates.