Drone and Still Composite

One photographer/filmmaker, two views of a Tasmanian point wave.

Light / Dark

The first-glance perfection in this image above doesn’t speak of the patience required to actualize a session at this fickle Tasmanian setup. And a closer squint will also reveal that, in most cases, a miscalculation can lead to a wash-through across a barely-submerged field of rock. Minor downsides, certainly, considering the workingman’s taper and tube, combined with its opulence in length-of-ride. “The conditions here only align about once or twice a year,” says photographer and filmmaker Stu Gibson. “But on those days, everyone downs their tools and hits the points.”

After supplying this photo, which originally ran in TSJ 25.4, Gibson also pointed us to a sample of drone footage he shot of the same setup. We figured you’d enjoy a look at both, side by side. Additional clips, linked-to below, offer wider-ranging fare. Similarities are evident in tracking shots, dynamism, and mind-scattering POVs.

Read the rest of TSJ 25.4. And watch more of Gibson’s drone footage from Tasmania, and further afield.