Cutting Room: Taylor Camp

The outtakes we couldn’t quite snap into place in print.

Light / Dark

Every magazine is a jigsaw puzzle. We tend to think about the process of assembling an issue a little like musicians assemble an album—you want variety in theme, tone, and message. But ultimately the end result should be unified in some way, and the pieces of the whole harmonious. In culling our photo selections, specifically, we always have more shots than we can possibly run. This speaks more to the talent of the photographers we work with than to any perceived shortcomings in the print medium (since each issue offers us 120 pages of editorial space that we can fill with, more or less, whatever the hell we want). The Taylor Camp feature we ran in TSJ 25.1, which tells the story of an encampment of surfers and hippies on rural Kauai during the 1960s, came with a trove of photographic assets. Above we’ve collected a handful of outtakes, whittled from hundreds, that we couldn’t quite snap into place in print. We hope you like them as much as we do. All photos by John Wehrheim.

For more on Taylor Camp, check out TSJ 25.1. You can also pick up a copy of Taylor Camp, John Wehrheim’s collection of photos from Serindia Publications, or watch his feature length documentary.