Cutting Room: Duncan Macfarlane

Overrun from the photographer’s print subs.

Light / Dark

Australian photographer Duncan Macfarlane is a road warrior, according to Sean Doherty’s profile of the millennial shooter in TSJ 26.3. “He’s been away from home 150 days this year. Last year it was 200. When he and his wife bought a house near his hometown of Sawtell, he built a vegetable garden that was his pride and joy. Today the garden is in ruin, overrun with weeds. His lawns are waist high.”

The upshot of all this portability is that, when it came time to assemble a portfolio of Macfarlane’s work, we were left with more material than we could slam into the magazine—presenting a ripe opportunity for a little digital overflow via this gallery. All captions and images by the photographer.